The way selling Electric Books at Physical Incidents.

Digital books are a good way to truly get your content quickly to the hands of an incredible number of readers. But think about selling digital books at physical events? You are able to tell people about your book and how great it’s, but they can’t actually buy the book until you have a kiosk put up for it or even a mobile card reader to make them buy then and there. If you want a better method of selling your digital books at physical events, then you will be happy to understand that there’s something you certainly can do to enhance your marketing.

The Sell

What are you selling? Digital books, of course. However, that’s information in an electronic digital space and people can’t touch it (unlike physical books). So, how do you sell an electronic digital product at an actual event that folks can in fact touch? It comes right down to coupon codes. Some companies, such as for example Enthrill, are selling online codes at cheap prices that you should use however you want.

Here’s how it works. First, you buy the coupon codes. The prices are currently set $1.50 per code with the very least purchase of 100 coupons. You can then upload your book to their servers and whoever inputs the code can get your book. You may also try this by making your own online codes and uploading books to your own website or server, that will cut down the price, but this approach requires some technical knowledge and an internet site under your complete control (so no free websites).

Regardless, you’ll note that even paying the $1.50 per promotion code can still yield some lucrative results.

Creating a Product

Now that you have the online codes, what do you do using them? Can you write them down on notebook paper and hand them out? Can you write them on business cards? The best thing you certainly can do is print them on small items as you are able to sell. This enables you to make your product more valuable while improving your selling ability.

As an example, let’s say that you have a cookbook. You are able to sell a tiny bag of ingredients and place a draw on the bag with the coupon code. Or, you may sell spatulas, spoons or other kitchen tools and print the promotion code on them. Or, let’s say your book is about weight loss. You are able to print the promotion code on pedometers, portion control plates, resistance bands or many other items un curso de milagros libros pdf. Just sell the item for $10 and you have a nice profit and a new reader. Despite having the additional promotional item, you should be able to double your investment.

Simpler Approach

If finding a promotional item and printing codes on it is too hard, then don’t worry. There exists a much simpler approach that, whilst not as effective, can still make you lots of money. Enthrill is ready to print the codes from gift cards so that you can hand them out during your event. If you would prefer printing the codes yourself to save lots of a little money, then you can buy some business cards paper from your local office supply store, get a company cards template in Word or whatever word processing program you employ and print them for some pennies a sheet.

While people would rather an actual item they could use, and the item may well be more enticing than a gift card, you are able to still cause them to become a powerful tool with enough marketing. You’ll just have to work more on selling your product. This approach is better if you’re concerned about spending an excessive amount of money and it’s your first event, or if you have a far more conservative audience that could prefer an easy gift card over a promotional item.


Physical events present a great opportunity for you yourself to sell your book. However, you’re at a small disadvantage because you’re book isn’t printed and it can’t be touched. While this seems like a problem, you are able to still sell your product without much effort. An excellent promotion code provider paired with some promotional items can help you launch a successful event where you make money and gain readers simultaneously.

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