Choosing a Poker Training Site

Poker training websites have seen a huge growth in the past few years. The once small business that had a handful of small websites with a handful of videos has grown into an extremely competitive market with hundreds of sites fighting for the attention of their customers. With so many websites to pick from, it can be daunting, especially for those who are new to the game. To make it easier for you there’s a list of questions to ask yourself before comparing training websites. Spending just a few moments to answer these questions could help you save many hundreds, but making sure that you’re getting the most of your money when you sign up to the website.

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Do I Need a Training Site?

In the event that you’re reading this post, you may think that you know the answer already to visit our site: Take some time and think about the following Have you watched the hundreds of strategy videos accessible on sites such as YouTube, PokerTube, PokerListings and PartTimePoker? Have you thought about joining an online poker forum to receive immediate feedback on your game from other players engaging in discussion on strategy? Have you had the opportunity to look at your game to identify the strengths as well as weaknesses? The above suggestions are completely no cost alternatives to paying for a training site membership and provide valuable avenues for players to investigate.

A lot of younger players view sites for training as an ‘easy solution’ to their game. They sign up, look at some videos and voila leaks are plugged. However, there’s no quick fix to your game. Training websites are an excellent source but if they’re not the source you’re first turning to then you may want to look at other resources similar to those listed in the previous paragraph before proceeding.

How Much Does It Cost?

The answer may be like a lot of work however, determining what an annual subscription to a training site is actually an arduous task. Certain sites offer low monthly costs, but they charge an initial fee to sign up. Certain sites offer discounts when you take part in a promotion they’re running or get rakeback from their website. Some sites, such as Cardrunners provide no-cost poker education when you play for a specific amount of time on an online poker site. Make sure you go over the fine print carefully and examine the various offers, as the cost of membership at a training site can be more than $1000 per year. You don’t have to pay more than what you must because that’s money going from your pocket.

What Game and Limits Am I Focused On?

Different training websites are created equal Some are focused on cash play, others focus on MTT playing, as well as a few are focused on SNGs. Some sites concentrate on lower stakes while others cater to high stakes and mid stakes. It’s crucial to determine the kind of game and the limitations that you’re trying to meet prior to choosing a site. After you’ve established your game’s rules and limits review poker sites for training (and those of their archive websites in general, if possible) to get an understanding of what the main purpose of the site is. There’s nothing more frustrating than putting into an online training website, then beginning to watch a few videos only to realize that the content you’re watching has no connection with the games you are playing on a regular basis.

What Extras Does the Site Offer?

All training websites are not made to be the same. Although all offer diverse types of instructional videos Some websites (especially the more popular ones) have additional features and tools that can help you in your game. PokerXFactor has a fantastic hand replayer that provides insight into your game that which you may not have otherwise. Cardrunners provides a broad range of offers that provide value for their players. Explore the site to discover the services they provide above and beyond the videos and determine if these extras are worth it to you.

What Do Others Say About the Site?

Perform a quick Google search of the website you’re interested in joining on Google. What do other players have to say on the web site? Join an online poker forum such as 2+2 or ask fellow players about their experiences . They’ll be delighted to share. Other poker players, particularly players who have limitations similar to yours are the most reliable source to evaluate the quality (and consequently, the worth) of a poker education site subscription

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