What exactly The real Purpose of Relationships?.

Did you realize that relationships are eternal? They reflect the energetic ties and karma to be played out incarnation after incarnation, even as we carry them along on our soul journey. In truth, we’ve been meeting pretty quite similar souls over and over, attempting to heal our wounds and learning how to relate with love and compassion for each other, or at the least enough detachment to break any toxic or painful bonds.

Sometimes we meet them for only a moment and sometimes we maintain relationships that last years, depending on which we’ve chosen to work on. For this reason you might feel an instant connection or attraction with a people, as well as an aversion toward certain individuals, and these could include family members that you are supposed to love. Indeed, close family members are those we usually share probably the most negative karma with! Yet we have to experience those painful relationships to solve old emotional patterns and tendencies, to grow and evolve.

Relationships are complex and multi-layered. On one level, they connect us to the planet, stimulate the physical senses, and bring contrast to the connection with reality. parforhold On another level, they trigger the ego-mind and activate the unconscious emotional fabric that’s the inspiration of our life. So although we might think we realize who we’re entering a connection with, we might definitely not start to see the underlying vibrational patterns that connect us to that person-since they originate from the past.

Several of those patterns create positive points of connection (shared interests, dreams, beliefs, aspirations, principles, etc.) while others manifest as conflict, since they touch the wounds that individuals try so difficult to avoid and disconnect from. The ego believes that relationships are mainly self-gratifying: they provide affection, sex, companionship, support, and so on. Conflicts arise when our ego-based needs aren’t met.

From a spiritual perspective, however, close relationships are designed to be learning platforms for self-knowledge and self-growth. They serve as mirrors that reflect our belief system-especially what we believe about ourselves-and reactivate past emotional wounds that need to be handled and resolved.

Get the Intent behind Your Relationships

We choose relationships to place all our stuff within our face, as we say, because it’s easier that way for us to take care of what needs attention. Needless to say, it’s not the only method to solve our issues, but because we get very mounted on anyone we’re in relationship with, we feel just like we have to deal with them in order to stop the pain and move forward-either because you want to continue or end the relationship.

Needless to say, we could also choose not to deal with any of it and jump from relationship to another, simply repeating and re-encountering exactly the same form of problems with various people, while our ego tries to disguise them as something completely new. No surprise why it will take lifetimes to solve our issues and be at peace with some individuals! That’s, until we understand the objective of being in relationship and shift our perspective and approach.

You may be thinking that you will need a partner for companionship or to have love (yes, life is tough and it could possibly get lonely), but at a soul level every relationship is a way to understand yourself and heal the emotional wounds, wrong perceptions, unspoken agreements, and negative tendencies that you’ve been carrying for a long time. In other words, they are meant to get you to aware of simply how much or how little you truly love yourself. So what are YOUR relationships reflecting back at you about yourself?

If you were to think that a close relationship should fulfill all your preferences, well, I’ve got news for you personally: no relationship can ever do that. But you should use each opportunity to work toward personal growth and emotional freedom, as opposed to letting your life revolve around others. It might sound counterintuitive, but if you actually want to create loving relationships, you first should try to learn to be alone and develop a deep, loving, and meaningful relationship with the most crucial person in your life: YOU. This 1 becomes the pattern for all other relationships in your life.

Learn To Be In Love With Love

Love isn’t a sentimental, self-gratifying game. Love is your true nature. And if you want to really experience love in relationship, you need to nurture your self-love and choose somebody that does the same-someone who’s not growing cannot allow you to grow. In other words, you both have to establish more loving relationships with yourselves first and also be open and ready to let each other be who they are. Otherwise, the tendency is to connect from an unconscious wounded place, simply attempting to heal your wounds through the other, while your partner tries to do exactly the same through you.

If I asked you, “Are you able to lend me $500?” you’d probably try your wallet or your pocket to test how much cash you have. If you do not have any, you’d say, “Sorry, I don’t have any money.” When you have exactly $500, you wouldn’t want to offer me all your cash, right? But if you had been carrying $10,000 in your pocket, you could grab the $500 and hand them if you ask me without hesitation.

Similarly, how can you love openly without feeling that something is being removed from you, or without expecting something in exchange, if you don’t cultivate and replenish your self-love on a typical basis? Without that anchor to stop you centered and strong, it’s quite simple to have lost in relationship. It’s not because you love a lot of, it’s as a result of a lack of center-of a solid inner connection to yourself. Lust, passion or shared interests are not enough to carry a connection for long; they eventually fade and change. Love and growth are stronger pillars for long lasting relationships.

So I’d declare that you focus in it first and foremost:

  1. Cultivate love within yourself and let your cup run over toward others;
  2. Tackle your emotional issues to get in touch at a heart level, not from the wounded ego-mind;
  3. Remain independent and nurture activities that stop you centered and attached to yourself;
  4. Maintain love for love’s sake and choose somebody with whom to fairly share the quest for self-growth.

Be Independent and Connect from the Heart

Inside our dysfunctional world, love has changed into a commodity and a transaction: if you give me what I’d like, I offer you affection or attention in return. If you don’t behave the way I expect, then I withhold my love. We all learn these emotional patterns in early childhood, and they shape beliefs that defeat the objective of creating loving relationships. In place of nurturing and allowing love to evolve, we expect and demand more. And if we don’t get what we want, we grow resentful and dissatisfied. We become self-centered as opposed to self-loving.

However, as the Feminine energies of the planet continue steadily to take back their place, we’re challenged to examine, re-visit and re-evaluate our relationships, and to establish loving relationships in creative cooperation, with each other and within our communities. That is necessary to guide the re-balancing of the Masculine and Feminine principles on Earth. It obviously seems easier said than done, because for a large number of years we’ve invested an enormous quantity of energy solidifying the power-based relationships that individuals are very knowledgeable about, but we could begin overturning that now. It is time, and you’re fully supported if you’re willing to produce a new paradigm in relationships.

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